tonight was a great night. typically my monday’s consist of cooking my favorite dinner with some of my favorite people and watching one of my (shamefully admitted) favorite tv shows. but we moved that to wednesday.

all so i could go to a class about rose wine with one of my other favorite people.

i have lots of favorites.

so we went and tasted and learned and enjoyed some of the most lovely rose’s i’ve ever tasted at wine + market here in lexington. if you haven’t been, you’re missing out. and then after, we went and had snacks and got to catch up on life and all that is. on our way back to our car we saw a rainbow, which is always a good way to end a night. it seems to translate to me as “everything is going to be alright” and who doesn’t need to hear that every once and a while? am i right?

but then, as i was driving home it was almost as if the sky was pink. i love when this happens! and, conveniently, i had been drinking pink wine for most of the night so it went well with the theme. BUT i pulled into my driveway and looked to the west to see the actual sunset and it was pretty incredible. i’ve always said that sunsets are one of the small ways that God has me wrapped around his finger because they typically stop me in my tracks…and tonight was no exception.

you see, for my entire life my family has lived in the same house, which i now have the privilege of calling my home. and for those *almost* 30 years we’ve sat three houses from the end of a street with a growing tree line that opened up into a huge field which is quite idillic to watch the sunset. but you see, about a year and a half ago they started to develop that land which includes, but is not limited to: dust, blasting, spotlights, dust, incessant beeping, cranes, dust, early morning incessant beeping, dust, lots of construction traffic…and a little more dust. let’s just say i’ve given up on washing my car for the summer because it’s POINTLESS. but tonight, even with all of that, i walked to the end of the street, just to see the sky.


so as i sat and just watched colors change and snapped a couple of pictures, and i kept wishing that the cranes weren’t there. and the red caution fence wasn’t there. and that the giant concrete cylinders that apparently take an entire day to move or do anything with, weren’t there, because they were ruining my picture that i wanted to look a certain way. but then the more i thought about it, nothing ever is going to look the certain way that i think it should [i’m noticing a theme, see previous post, to my 19 year old self.].

there’s always something being built. or, in what seems to be the recent theme in my days, rebuilt. structures and systems and relationships and expectations that were supposed to look a specific way, don’t.

God is continually wrecking my specifics.

my planning tendencies are being chipped away. and i wish that i could say that i was all in, and i’ll grow where i’m planted and all of the things that we should say when life is just flat out hard. BUT — it’s not always that easy. i’m learning. and in learning there are struggles and hard work and tears and tests, but with all that comes knowledge and wisdom and i do know that one day i’ll be grateful for all of the construction.


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